CACTUS 03 It is a real estate agency in San Miguel de Allende, dedicated to attend property residential sales. Usually, in the moment that you put your house, condo or apartment for sale in the market, what most concern you is:

Our team has a wide experience in real state property residential sales in San Miguel de Allende. We have sale, vacation homes, luxury homes & apartments and at the same time we make sure to help our same clients that are setting down to their new needs to buy properties if necessary. Our market knowledge aloud us to suggest the best sale strategy, so you´ll be able to get the best price for the sale of your property. We believed in get, for our clients, the highest value possible in each sale. But at the same time we do realistic appraisals using as comparison recent transactions. This, with the purpose of no waste any time adjusting market prices. It is very easy to sale at unreachable prices, but we prefer to sale properties for the highest market price.

Our company has develop a large number of relationship with real estate agents, as well as with clients that have real estate needs, that´s why we consider that we can sale your property as soon as possible. To sale a property in a short period of time is a very important factor as it is to sale it at the right price. We ensure that both factors are fully satisfied. To accomplish this goals, we make sure to prepare a market plan; we place publicity adds in appropriate magazines and news papers, at the same time that we promote your property in our web page, which is seen by more than "x" clients every day; as result of this, our web page is rated among the first option in the most important search engines as google.

We believe that clients should have a stress & surprise-free experience, reducing the unexpected situations during the sale process. Is right there, where we can contribute with our experience and knowledge. The previous sale transactions we´ve done for local & non-local clients support our service and reveal our success. If you want to sell your property in San Miguel de Allende at the best price & as soon as possible, while you get the best service, get in touch with us and talk about your needs. We will be glad to analyze the best plan to sell your property and make the most profitable & pleasant experience.